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Treyarch Lays Down the Law on Glitchers

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1 Treyarch Lays Down the Law on Glitchers on 16th January 2011, 7:33 pm


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-๑۩۩๑- Admin

With Treyarch trying to get their game as balanced and as friendly to legitimate players as possible, we knew that this sort of code of conduct was going to hit at some point. With the recent discovery of the prestige hack which was found lot sooner than anyone had imagined, it must have pushed Treyarch's need to give you the consequences of going against their terms of service to really steer you into having the same advantages as everybody else in their "fun, competitive environment". Their "zero tolerance" approach to exploiting their game and the consequences to for doing so will be posted below.

Unlucky to anyone who has flashed/JTAGed their xbox or used a PS3 jailbreak device online to get an advantage either by modifying scripts and codes or changing your name to have illegal characters because there is no way out of this one.

Instantly permanently banned from playing online. Reported to console manufacturer.

This is practically prestige hackers; people who have used the exploit to either look higher up the leader-boards than they are, gain CoD points, or to earn an advantage over other players by ranking up quickly.

Minor offence: Temp ban, full stats reset, leader-board entries removed.
Major offence: Temp ban, full stats reset, removed from showing on the leader-boards.
Repeat offence/Severe offence: Permanently banned from playing online.

Going outside of maps, getting into invisible barriers and exploiting ways of repeat killstreaks (care package glitch). You guys are more in touch with this stuff than I am so you can define what these glitches are.

Minor offence: Temp ban from playing online.
Major offence: Extended ban from playing online.
Repeat/Severe offence: Permanently banned from playing online.

Offensive Emblems:
I don't know about you guys but I certainly was immature enough to make a penis emblem but the novelty wares off so I changed it back. Treyarch are going to be specifically hard on users that have racially offensive emblems like the swastika, or sexually explicit ones (I for one don't see the point as this game is an 18, but there you go).

Minor offence: Two week ban from editing emblems, emblem set to default, all purchased items and layers wiped.
Major offence: Permanently banned from using the emblem editor.

So there you go. So let's just get on and ignore all this and get back to glitching and hacking for the benefit for ***, what do you say?

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