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A Guide To Becoming A News Reporter

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1 A Guide To Becoming A News Reporter on 16th January 2011, 1:59 am


-๑۩۩๑- Admin
-๑۩۩๑- Admin

As I have been noticing, a lot of people have been posting news and bugging moderators to move it into the news section, so I asked Big G if I could make this thread and he approved. So this will be an incite to how you can make staff or submit news to be added to the section for others to enjoy.

To start off, this is what the news team are recruited to do. The news reporters are recruited to provide fresh news to MonsterHaxUpdate so that the community can enjoy and discuss all the current events which are happening in the gaming world. The news reporters are also responsible for highlighting possible big glitches or hacks that MonsterHaxUpdate's members. The exclusive news has the opportunity to be submitted to N4G to boost member numbers and publicity, but this will be explained later.

Before I get your hopes up, here are a few "must haves" to be applicable to join the team:
  • You must have good grammar.

    You must be premium!

    You must be able to post in an easy to read format and post all sources where you got your data from

    You must also pass the original
Test To Be Moderator

If you pass those then you are well on your way to becomming a member of the news reporters. So lets get to to what you can do to help!

The main thing is post news, but make sure that you don't rip other people's material, even if it is in block quotes, because to me that will instantly kill all your chances. Showing that you can effectively copy and paste is not a good way to show that you are reporter material. You will also need to source where you got your information from, so that it can be checked for plagiarism.

Writing a personal review is also a good way to get you noticed. It shows me and the team how you can effectively use description and grammar in order to state how you feel about the game.

The most effective way is to post original news! Whether it be updates from developers via twitter or something that a member on MonsterHaxUpdate has found and could turn a game around or change the way a console works, for example hacking. If I find this to be of an exceptional quality it may be submitted to, and last time there was a huge spike of traffic and registering users and you may be able to earn yourself some referrals.

To submit your articles, could you please post them somewhere in the forums that seems appropriate then ask me to move them either via a private or visitor message to move it, and I will review your article and I will make a judgement upon it.

This is not a guaranteed way to get into the reporters but it will make you stand out from the crowd.

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