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Mod your gamertag on Black Ops Xbox360 Tut

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1 Mod your gamertag on Black Ops Xbox360 Tut on 8th January 2011, 8:21 pm


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-๑۩۩๑- Admin
I was looking for this the other day and couldn't find it, also I have found a DIFFERENT tutorial video on this site but this ones just updated (especially because it specifically gives steps for Black Ops)...

Yes this is old but no one on this site could explain how to do it when i asked...
And OBVIOUSLY you can get banned for this...

ALL credit goes to xPooLiFiiiedx from 7s...



Hadzz GT Editor


Hard Drive

Transfer Cable

2 Controllers

(This Also Works With A USB Flash Drive)


1. If You Havent already, download the programs

2. Open your profile on Modio by going into modio > Click the Big M at the top left corner > ExPlore My Device

3. Click File > Open/Close Drive > Partrition 3 > Content

4. Your Profile will show up , so click on it > then click profile Storage > Profiles

5. Click and drag the final file onto the desktop


6. Open Hadzz GT Editor If You Haven't Already > Click the Big "2" > Open > then choose your profile

7. Make whatever gamertag you want

8. Click Other > Randomize

9. Then Click the big "2" > Save, then save to desktop

10. Go Back Into Modio > Partrition 3 > Contents, then right click on the second column > Insert Folder

11. Choose your Modded Profile and wait for it to load, when its done, then unplug your device and go to your Xbox


12. Turn On your Xbox and 2 Controllers

13. On the second controller, click the middle button, then Play Call of Duty Black Ops

14. Pass the title screen and click on Multiplayer with the first controller

15. Then Sign the First controller into the Modded Profile

16. Pass all the avatar screens and click on local > Split Screen

17. On the Second controller, press A, and sign the first controller into your normal account and press A

18. Go back to the multiplayer menu and go onto Xbox Live

19. You Should Have the modded profile

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