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How to get WaW Maps for BO.

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1 How to get WaW Maps for BO. on 8th January 2011, 8:15 pm


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-๑۩۩๑- Admin
Okay so now that we have all the keys for signing stuff, I was thinking that when we can decrypt edit and sign retail .pkgs then someone could download the BO WaW Zombie maps (theres a link around here somewhere) then they could open the .pkg and edit the file known as the package.conf this lets the file know if it needs activation from the PS Store or if its a free PKG which can be run on installation so if we edit the package.conf to say the maps are free then we repack sign etc (which can't be done yet but there will be a way eventually)
and install it on our PS3 and we're good to go without activation which means we can play the maps Wink

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