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[PS3] Zombie and Campaign Mods -- Also help required please :)

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-๑۩۩๑- Admin
My modded files are included for uk/europe region,
download... PSKZL4G2SA

1. jailbreak your ps3 (cant use CFW yet cos ftp isnt signed)
2. install ftp app
3. locate game folder and replace the existing eboot.bin and .self
4. enjoy

mods included
ENABLE DEVCHEATS (not sure what this does??)
SUPER HEALTH REGENERATOR (dont tink this works in zombies)
MONEY MULTIPLIER (think its protected)

I have released this as im now stuck and the more people see it to help the better

I need help with removing cheat protection on the eboot.bin of BO, I have modded the eboot.bin and the t5ps3.self by analysing offsets of dvars in IDA pro then editing in hex, the problem being some of the dvars (money,health and ammo) are cheat protected and regardless of any edits they do not stick What I need to know is can anyone help locate the offsets of the NOP values, NOP'in basically means "no operation" and it involves replacing actual operating hex values with instances of '60 00 00 00' in order to disable it then you can edit the relevant files and it should work, Iv followed a 360 guide on s7ins from lumberstoan but the offsets for ps3 are different so if anyone can guide me to finding correct offsets that would be great

Have fun Hosting Zombiezz Lobbys Very Happy

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