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Private Match XP Glitch [Best Tutorial]

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1 Private Match XP Glitch [Best Tutorial] on 30th December 2010, 6:54 am


-๑۩۩๑- Admin
-๑۩۩๑- Admin
What You Need:
1. Two players, in other words, two controllers.
2. Ps3 Online.
3. & Time.
Status: Hackable
1. The "Host," starting this series of steps, will go to his/her Player Match.

2. Invite a friend/player/opponent while he/she is in their Playercard>Edit Playercard>Press (B) to see the "Save and Exit" notification.

3. The "Host" will then switch to Private Match while the "Invited" friend/player is still at this point seeing the notification of "Save and Exit."
***The "Invited" friend/player should see this Notification throughout this whole process, until the step on Pressing (A).***

4. The "Host" will change the Map to Nuketown, and the Game Mode to Demolition.

5. Once that is done, the "Host" will now switch to Theater Mode.

6. The "Host" will Leave the Lobby, not doing Anything Else, which will send the "Invited" friend/player to a Notification Screen of "Game Lobby Closed," with the Circular Loading Logo in the the Background of First Note. If you wait longer, the player will see both Notifications go away and show a new Alert reporting that "Player Lobby Is Inactive."

7. It is okay for the "Invited" friend/player to Click (A) on either the "Game Lobby Closed" or the "Player Lobby Is Inactive," but NOT the "Save and Exit" alert.

8. Back to the "Host." The host will Dashboard without doing anything before or after Dashboarding.

9. The "Invited" friend/player will not Press (A) to "Save and Exit" until he/she has INVITED the (Former) "Host" back.

10. The (Former) "Host," invited back and in the lobby already, will wait for the (Former) "Invited" friend/player to Click (A) to "Save and Exit."

11. The NEW HOST [(Former) "Invited" friend/player] will switch the lobby to Wager Match then to Player Match in a decent speed.
*It should show you and a matched player.*

12. ***Ending***: That is the other player in your lobby. If you have done it right, you should see "Need More Players To Start The Game..." at the -Top Right-(above the gamertags), and if not, do it again, but PAY ATTENTION TO THE *IN-DEPTH TUTORIAL.*
Points at the end of each round: 100-10,000(An amount of plants!)
Leaderboards: They will be enabled(stick).
READ: MAKE SURE you play at least 2 to and infinite amount of REAL Xbox 360 Live Demolition Games or else you will be reset to the Prestige and Level you were at at the BEGINNING.

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