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A List of Devices you can use to JB your PS3

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1 A List of Devices you can use to JB your PS3 on 30th December 2010, 6:16 am


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A List of Devices you can use to JB your PS3
Since alot of people have been asking what devices can be used to jailbreak i figured i would make a thread about some of the devices i know

The following are a list of devices that will allow you to JailBreak your Ps3, to either hack games or just make a backup of them.

1. The first device to do this, and most trusted the - PS JAILBREAK - here is there site if you want to buy the mod chip -

2. The Nokia N900 - No Video ATM sorry

Tut- But You Can Jailbreak your ps3 with Nokia

3. The TI-84 Plus/Silver Edition Calculator[/COLOR] - proof-

YouTube - PS Jailbreak a PS3 with PSGroove from a TI-84 Plus/Silver Edition Calculator -

4. The Palm pre -
YouTube - PSFreedom PS3 Jailbreak for Palm Pre

5. Iphone 3G -
proof -
YouTube - Jailbreak

6.Motorolla Droid HTC Desire -
proof -
Video Not Working ATM ill try to fix Don't worry..

7.Nokia N97 - people may have said this works but it does not.

8. iPod touch 1g -
video proof -
YouTube - Jailbreak PS3 with iPod touch 1g -

9. PS3 Key - this jailbreak is just like the origanal PSJailbreak BUT it si 60$ cheaper !! this would be anybody best buy.
Official PS3Key Website
Europe 34.95 € = Comprar en
France 39.00 € = Arcalide : Réparation-vente consoles Wii avec puce, XBOX360, Nintendo DS, DS LITE, PSP, PS2, PSTwo, Puces wii et accessoires wii
Malta 39.99 € = PS3 JailBreak - The First PS3 ModchipS
Na 39.95 $ =
Spain 34.95 € = PlayOcio
USA 39.95 $ = Modchip Central Your #1 Modchip Store. Wii Modchips DS Modchips PS Jailbreak PS Jailbreak R4 USA Canada North America Acekard2i DSTTi R4i R4i SDHC

You Will have to download PSFreedom to do this here is the link for the download -
Nothing found for Jailbreak-ps3 Xus-htc-desire -

10.) HTC Hero

PSGroove Link: » Blog Archiv » PSFreedom For HTC Hero Users

How to root your Hero: [GUIDE] How to Root Sprint 2.1 Release for CDMA Hero - xda-developers

How to get it running the version needed to root: How To: Downgrade Your HTC Hero So It Can Be Rooted (Updated 02.05.10) | TheUnlockr

No video for this one atm

SGroove for Rockbox on iRiver H10 5gB

To install:

1. Download the RockBox installer and install RockBox on your device.
2. Download the new .mi4 file from one of the current ps3 groove builds for the 5g H10.
3. Navigate to your H10
4. Replace the existing .rockbox folder with the new one you just downloaded. (or if you know what you're doing just replace the .mi4)
5. Boot h10 and see if RockBox is working properly.
6. Turn h10 off.
7. Isolate PS3 (switch for fat, unplug for slim)
8. Connect h10 to ps3 via usb
9. Power on h10.
10. Connect power back to PS3 (switch or physical connect)
11. Hit the on and eject buttons in quick succession.

Please note, this is Hermes V4

-no video for this sry

If you want to do the hack on any other device please find a PSFreedom download for that.

If there are any other devices to Jb your ps3 please post on here with the link for proof and a tutorial !

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2 Re: A List of Devices you can use to JB your PS3 on 1st January 2011, 12:13 am


Nice, I always wanted to jailbreak my PS3 but my bro wanted to play Black Ops, and since you can't play Black Ops without the 3.50 firmware I didn't jailbreak it Sad

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