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Welcome To MonsterHaxUpdate Hope you like it. l l Please Consider To Donate For +Gold+ Or Premium. l l If Need Any Help Please Contact A Staff Member..

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Welcome To MonsterHaxUpdate

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1 Welcome To MonsterHaxUpdate on 30th December 2010, 5:09 am


-๑۩۩๑- Admin
-๑۩۩๑- Admin
Welcome to MonsterHaxUpdate,

First of all, welcome everyone. Before I go on to the announcement, I would just like to let everyone know that MHU (MonsterHaxUpdate) is where I will be at on the internet and it is what I will be advertising.

If you are from PvHx Or NGU or Any Else Website, you may ask the following questions:

Why the switch?
- Well, why not? PvHx.. Well it Was just sort of getting old for me. Running this new place will motivate me to make more videos and be more interactive with the community.

Will donators still get special privileges here?
- Yes, Alot So If you Want Premium, +Gold+ Just PM me Smile.

I like NGU, Pvhx, Why should I switch?
- I'm not forcing you to. As the original creator, advertiser, I still would like it to be successful, Im Just asking to stick around And Hopefully You Like it..

Hope you Guys like it here MHU And Please Stay Active Smile

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