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Welcome To MonsterHaxUpdate Hope you like it. l l Please Consider To Donate For +Gold+ Or Premium. l l If Need Any Help Please Contact A Staff Member..

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Donation FAQ

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1 Donation FAQ on 19th December 2010, 8:29 am


-๑۩۩๑- Admin
-๑۩۩๑- Admin
Donation FAQ
Q. How much do I have to donate in order to become a Premium Member? Or +Gold+ Member.
A. Here are the amounts in the major currencies: Okay Premium Is Lower For $10 (Like 10 - 7) And +Gold+ Is Higher Than $10 (11-15) Is Highest and If you Donate More You are Considered Dedicated Member..

Q. How do I donate?
A. On the forum index, there is a tab called "Donate" at the top. Click on that and follow the instructions.

Q. Why do I need to donate?

A. Helps Site Get Domain Name,Also Upgrade To vBulletin.

Q. Where does my donation go?
A. It helps pay for the server costs, domain costs, new skins, new modifications, and the forum costs.

Q. What do you get for donating?
A. 1.You Get Cool User Titles (+Gold+, or VIP)
2. Name Changes to Color Yellow (If Donated For +Gold+) And Also For Premium Its Green...
3. Access Private Forums For +Gold+ Members Or Access ChatBox in +Gold+ Section..
4. Talk To me Or One of the Staff If need Help You Donated so we WILL HELP clown
5. Advertising Ads Go off If you Donate...
6. Have More Space in Mailbox Or sentBox
7. Have Chances For Mod...

Q. How long does it take to become +Gold+ Or Premium?
A. It varies. You will have to wait until I check My PayPal account. You should be premium within 24 hours of you donating.

Q. If I donate, do I have a higher chance to become a Moderator?
A. Of course . All staff on this website has donated.

And i Hope you Consider DONATING PLEASE

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